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XSniper Fodder
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Sniper Fodder

Inspired by the classic Amiga 500, you take on the role of a sniper, eliminating all the enemies without showing you.

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SHAPESHOOTER is a SHMUP On-Rails, your objective is to match the color of your shot with the enemies.

Coming soon - Steam store

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Have you ever faced your worst nightmare? What if you have no choice but to move on and see what’s behind it? Then you’d better arm yourself with...

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In Space We Brawl is a frantic couch twin-stick shooter. Get ready for the excitement of pure local multiplayer matches for up to 4 players, including...


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Creekside Creep Invasion

Stop the bogus creeps in this hardcore action roguelite! Equip rad perk based armor in five slots, wear and unlock new gnarly costumes with active and...


Zolg is a minimalist top-down shooter where you explore, fight enemies, collect powerups, and defeat bosses.

Solaroids: Prologue

A re-imagined version of the classic Asteroids® as a single or local multiplayer shooter. Dodge and strafe your way to victory against insurmountable...

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Chaos Town is a top-down chaotic shooter game where everything is destructible!


Witchinour is a top-down, bullet hell cute 'em up with randomized levels and an emphasis on playing fast. Dodge, shoot, cast, and ugprade your way...

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Undead Souls is an arcade game about killing enemies trying to Beat your Score in a gun filled randomly generated levels.


Kill your friends, or your family, or complete strangers! Play solo, or grab up to 5 pals and play together online. Get guns, shoot baddies, collect...

Coming soon - Steam store
ArchRobo - Robotic Annihilation

This is ArchRobo, a top-down shooter. Featuring incredible visuals, 28 intense levels ranging from easy to incredibly challenging, with 5 large...

The Man in the Cape: Special Edition

In retaliation for using his roof as a city lookout point, The Man in the Cape is captured and left for dead in Mr. Granderson's superhero elimination...


Devader is an intense 90's-style twin-stick shooter, complete with crazy old-school bosses, powerful strategic abilities and multiple endings. Upgrade...


Control the deadliest weapon humanity has ever created in this challenging top-down shooter. Use your instinct to create a tactical combo and wreak...

Coming soon - Steam store
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