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Far Away From Home on SteamUrbek City Builder on SteamTerminus on Steam

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Pandemia: Virus Outbreak
0.3 1 1
20 May, 2020

2 in 1, Swipe cards to face the deadly virus threat in this story driven strategy game. Step into the world in which you will face the decisions that world leaders make in the event of a deadly virus threat. Every decision have consequences. Create Vaccine in special Arcade mode.

jwing - the next puzzle game
1.1 3 0
30 May, 2019

An indie casual strategy game with fascinating gameplay mechanics. Think tetris meets a match three bubble shooter with a dynamically changing field. Easy to learn, difficult to master, with endless replay value. Develop strategies and unlock features to climb up levels and achieve the best score.

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Urbek City Builder on SteamTerminus on SteamFar Away From Home on Steam

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583 games found - page / 17

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