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Age of Reforger:Blackthorn

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Terminus on Steam
N/A - -
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A party-based RPG in a hand-drawn environment, representing a fantasy setting based on Slavic mythology and folk tales. Tactical combat with simultaneous planning of character actions, designed specifically to improve upon the slow, turn-based gameplay, especially when playing in multiplayer.

Survive the Fall
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Scientists’ calculations have failed. An asteroid hit the Earth in 2023. Those who were in the farthest part of the planet during the catastrophe survived. Survive the Fall is an open world game combining action & rpg elements with building settlements. Explore a post-apocalyptic world!

The Lost King of Avallon
1.7 8 4
2 Nov, 2021

The Lost King of Avallon is a challenging turn-based rogue-lite RPG set in a medieval world. The open world will allow you to do what you want and be whoever you want: warrior, magician, elemental, demon, angel... Gather a team of heroes and find a clue to the strange story of the king of Avallon

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The Iron Oath on Steam
1.1 6 8
12 Feb, 2022

《THE INHERITOR》is an open world independent game which is set up in an unreal western fantasy world. In game, player will act as an inheritor of ancient inclined family. In 《THE INHERITOR》 world, with the effort of each generation of inheritor, player will make the glory of their family reappears.

Mortal Online 2
5.1 3492 2502
25 Jan, 2022

A persistent sandbox world. No classes or levels. Train the skills you want for your own unique build. Player-driven trade, economy, and housing. Millions of crafting combinations. First-person immersive combat. Exploration. Bosses. Full loot, full PvP. The world of Nave is yours - who will you be?

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1020 games found - page / 29

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