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Sidestep Legends
N/A - -
Coming Soon

Practise your sidestep skills as you dodge spells coming at you from all directions. Level up and choose from a variety of upgrades and new abilities to increase your chances of survival in this moba inspired rogue-lite. Unlock new characters and explore different skill combinations each round.

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Asteroids... But Roguelite
2.3 13 2
21 Sep, 2020

Start off as a weak ship with a simple attack and fight through waves of enemies, earning currency in order to purchase upgrades for your ship. The never ending waves of enemies grow in number, power, and variety as you progress. Purchase upgrades to keep pace with them.

1.6 5 0
25 Jun, 2021

Roguely is a fantasy themed top-down shooter pixel art action roguelite with some bullet hell thrown in. Fight and dodge your way through the randomly generated maps to rescue your friends. Find upgrades along the way and save up arcane fragments for permanent blessings from the gods.

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Cavity Busters
3.9 54 1
18 Mar, 2022

Cavity Busters is a roguelite toothpunk bullet hell where you use your one and only tooth to chomp the cavity infested enemies. Run on the walls, dodge through bullet filled rooms and stomp baddies. Collect power ups, contract powerful diseases, and dig your way through the body.

Halftime Heroes
4.1 170 53
11 Mar, 2022

SURVIVE COUNTLESS HORDES, BE A ONE MAN ARMY, DIE AND RETURN STRONGER. Halftime Heroes is a Survival Rogue Action RPG game with short and intense matches where you learn spells, level up, acquire loot and fight bosses. Each time you die you may upgrade or unlock several features.

Kaiju Catastrophe
N/A - -
Fall 2022 - Wishlist Now!

Crush, smash, and eat thousands of enemies showing humanity what the meaning of destruction is! Kaiju Catastrophe is an arcade game with roguelite mechanics. Mutate devastating weapons, unlock permanent evolutions, and wreak havoc with a variety of monsters to tear humanity apart! Wishlist today!

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750 games found - page / 21

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