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湛藍牢籠Rail of Möbius
湛藍牢籠Rail of Möbius
Visual NovelTime TravelStory RichWord GameDetective
4.9 162 8
31 Aug, 2021

It is an adventure game with multiple endings. An original script written by a well-known light novelist with a total of 400,000 words. With reasoning, suspense, love, and science fiction elements, it allows players to embark on a highly immersive journey of salvation on the submarine train.

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N/A - -


Interactive FictionWord GameVisual NovelPuzzle2D Platformer
4.6 206 38
19 Sep, 2021

往事,往往会在淡化甚至遗忘时,以一种很难被人察觉的形态,影响着人们的生活。 这种现象叫做“后忆效应”。 而一段火车鸣笛,勾起了一位叫杨树的潦倒咨询师的过去,为了追寻自己身上的“往事”,他选择回到了自己的家乡---雾山镇。在那里,有个无比诡异的恐怖世界正在等待他的到来…… 反馈交流群:811121403

回门 Way Back Home
回门 Way Back Home
HorrorPsychological HorrorAdventureHistoricalIndie
4.3 214 70
29 Jan, 2021

"Way back home" is a 2D horizontal board horror puzzle game. It takes the Republic of China period from 1905 to 1926 as the background of the times. With a large number of exquisite original paintings, rich playing methods, excellent music and dubbing, delicate script and narrative game style, it creates a strong historical...

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SCP : Secret Files
SCP : Secret Files
ExplorationStory RichImmersive SimIndiePuzzle
N/A - -
2022-Wishlist ↘ (愿望单 ↘) !

SCP: Secret Files is a collection of paranormal cases from the SCP Foundation, an organization tasked with containing dangerous anomalies. You join as an assistant researcher for Dr. Raymond Hamm and complete a strenuous induction program that will make you question everything you know.

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842 games found - page / 24

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