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Scrap Garden - The Day Before
5.1 703 231
7 Oct, 2016

A new chapter of charming 3D platformer about the little rusty robot C4N who unwittingly finds himself in the midst of momentous events in Robo Land. In order to solve the new riddle, Canny will once again need to run and jump a lot, solve puzzles, and fight against enemies who are much bigger and stronger than he is.

Beneath a Steel Sky
5.2 284 28
27 Jul, 2020

After being abducted by brutal soldiers and his kinfolk butchered, Robert Foster finds himself in Union City - a vast metropolis under the tyranny of a fascist AI. Alone, save for the circuit board of his best friend, Foster must discover the sinister truth - and why they specifically came for him.

EFO: Escape From Outerworld
2.1 16 8
28 Aug, 2021

EFO is a side scrolling platformer, wherein you control an alien who has crash landed, and must reach the top of the mountain in order to call for a ride home before the battery on your distress beacon runs out. The climb is difficult, but you have the power of telekinesis!

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Blind Trust
3.7 745 703
27 May, 2016

Blind Trust is a two-player, cooperative game where the deaf leads the blind on a fantasy island. Navigate using only 3D sound as the blind Oracle, or lead the Oracle with magical sound beacons as the deaf Soldier. Work together to fight monsters, solve puzzles, and reach your ultimate goal.

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Urbek City Builder on SteamFar Away From Home on SteamTerminus on Steam

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Abracadabrew : Prologue
1.4 4 0
28 Jul, 2020

Abracadabrew : Prologue is a memory based 1-4 players local couch co-op game. Cooperate with your friends while using your memory skills to brew as many potions as you can before dawn. Gather ingredients hidden across the place, communicate and stay focused to unlock new brain-racking potions!

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773 games found - page / 22

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