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Bing in Wonderland
N/A - -
快了 Comming Soon :)

A Roguelite monster killing satisfaction galore without any exploration elements. The game is filled to the brim with exotic enemies and stages with a collection of deep and robust skills, weapons, and items plus an abundance of pointless features and useless details.

Null Vector
3.0 22 1
3 May, 2018

Trade. Gamble. Fight! Test your arcade chops in Null Vector, a twin-stick shooter rogue-lite. Discover and experiment with thousands of weapon combinations, take strategic advantage of machines to trade and gamble for new ship parts, and unleash your own bullet hell upon the Final Boss!

Fabric Of Reality
N/A - -
Before end of 2022

In this game, you are the bullet hell. Face off against 100 waves of enemies and bosses by collecting a deck of attack cards that activate in real-time to unleash destruction upon everything in sight. There's an insane amount of customizability leading to an infinitely replayable experience.

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Loot River
4.0 165 60
3 May, 2022

Explore procedurally generated labyrinths in this challenging, narrative-rich roguelike. Master deep combat. Slide blocks of ancient ruins. Defeat bestial abominations. Loot, level up, strategize, fight, die and wake up anew. Unlock the secrets of the Loot River. Immortality is a bittersweet gift.

1.6 5 0
25 Jun, 2021

Roguely is a fantasy themed top-down shooter pixel art action roguelite with some bullet hell thrown in. Fight and dodge your way through the randomly generated maps to rescue your friends. Find upgrades along the way and save up arcane fragments for permanent blessings from the gods.

Demon Spore
N/A - -

Blast your way out of tentacle hell as a failed lab experiment gives birth to a rapidly growing viral horror in this intense action rogue-lite inspired by 80s Monster movies. Use the lab to your advantage and improvise an escape plan before this constantly evolving life form spreads out of control.

N/A - -
I have a headache...

Meanderer is a unique roguelite game set in a world of loss and rebirth. Embark on a pilgrimage with a young monk to make the Sun bright once more. Traverse the ruins of fallen empires, encounter strange endearing characters, and sacrifice your powers as you get closer to fulfilling your purpose.

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N/A - -
TBA - Wishlist and follow for updates!

DEADHUNTERS is a cooperative rogueplaying game. Choose your hero, embark on missions and make decisions together. Loot, level up and die again and again in an ever changing world of darkness. Conquer the damned and earn your rightful place in the Guild of Deadhunters!

3.7 233 139
24 Jul, 2018

In Enlightenment, you play in a roguelike action-shooter with a fast-paced challenging journey deep into a underground complex called "the Ark". Players will be tested by large varieties of enemies in a procedurally-generated dungeon, and become stronger by learning from the inevitable deaths.

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595 games found - page / 17

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