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Blood Card 2: Dark Mist

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Blood Card
5.1 468 111
24 May, 2019

This card game combines elements of roguelike and deckbuilding. During the game, you shall strive ahead, gathering cards to build a unique deck and use it to defeat the enemies getting in your way. You will have to choose between escaping or try to defeat Death, who is relentlessly pursuing you.

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Terminus on Steam
N/A - -
15 Nov, 2022


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The Iron Oath on Steam
N/A - -
Q1-Q2 2023

Northwind is a challenging roguelite deck-building card game. Play as a mercenary set in an ice-cold universe, take on quests, build a unique deck, slay ferocious monsters, and grow stronger every run. With ever-changing expeditions, discovers new foes, relics, and card combos every time you embark!

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219 games found - page / 7

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