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Sea Brawl Autobattler
5.5 708 158
1 Nov, 2021

Sea Brawl Autobattler is a New and Original 8-players Card Auto Battler. Immerse yourself in a stunning fantasy Pirate setting and recruit your Crew between more than 150 unique minions, spells and equipments. Build up your strategy and dominate the ladder!

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Cardfight!! Vanguard Dear Days
N/A - -
Nov 2022

The ultimate digital Vanguard experience that includes an original story set in the world of overDress! Compete with players worldwide with "Ranked Fight," play solo casually with "CPU Fight," and enjoy the game and experience the world of Vanguard at your own pace via many other fight modes.

Magic 2015 - Duels of the Planeswalkers
3.7 1827 2225
16 Jul, 2014

"Hunt bigger game on a bold new adventure with Magic 2015—Duels of the Planeswalkers! Hone your skills as you battle your way across the planes of the Multiverse. Beware though, Planeswalker. Your biggest danger is one of your own ... Garruk Wildspeaker, the greatest hunter known, is now hunting you!

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Urbek City Builder on SteamFar Away From Home on SteamTerminus on Steam

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Card Cowboy
N/A - -
4 Oct, 2022

Card Cowboy is a short, silly adventure about getting Revenge against the Gunman who killed your dad, wooed your mom, and kicked your dog. You'll meet babies, bandits, famers, and their kids and use the cards you're dealt to make your way through our lil proc-gen Wild West.

N/A - -
31 Oct, 2022

暗黑涌动,战火将至!自由炫战魔幻 MMO《幻化之锋》重磅来袭。 创新宠物繁殖大变异、高度交互20V20大团战、特色竞技带你感受灭世之战的燃情快感;自由转职、神装养成、战盟集结助你天赋觉醒实力狂飙;更有圣王之翼的幻化羽翅、个性彰显的特色称号让你享受与众不同的荣光。

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278 games found - page / 8

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