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The Mutineer
2.7 16 1
26 Oct, 2020

The Mutineer is a stealth oriented PvP game that takes place in the engine room of a massive warship. Take control of The Mutineer to sabotage the ship and blend in with a crowd of engineers. Another player controls The Overseer, attempting to kick the Mutineer off the ship before it's too late!

Hunt: The Unknown Quarry
2.6 29 13
30 Jan, 2017

Hunt: The Unknown Quarry is a deductive combat game for 3 to 6 players. One is secretly the monster and is trying to cripple the other players in order to escape the mansion. Shared Play: One purchase allows a whole group to play together. Based on the original board game from Victory Point Games.

Crossword City Chronicles
0.5 2 7
25 Jan, 2021

Play as a 1950s reporter investigating crimes by using your word building skills to interview, interrogate, convince, deceive & debate your way to a solution! Draw letters tiles onto a rack, then place them on the board to make a word that connects with those already placed to advance the plot.

Trust No Bunny
2.8 17 0
13 Sep, 2022

Everybunny has a secret. Who do you trust to keep the town safe? Trust No Bunny is a 5 to 8 player social deduction mission game for fans of Avalon, Town of Salem, Among Us, or Werewolf. It’s a game for thinkers, schemers, & downright liars, where guessing the traitor is only half the battle.

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1.7 9 5
23 Mar, 2022

Here we present, a cynical RPG with close to 160,000 patterns of party making. Choose your favorite from about 100 different characters and save the pixelated world. Some events spawn only during certain days of the week. No need to worry, "somebody from another dimension" will help you.

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Terminus on SteamFar Away From Home on SteamUrbek City Builder on Steam

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Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1.5
7.3 4403 734
23 Jul, 2020

Hello Neighbor 2 is a Stealth Horror Game where you’re being stalked by a mysterious creature as you try to track down Mr. Peterson (The Neighbor) who has disappeared after the events of the first game. Play against an advanced, self-learning AI that tracks and adapts to your every move.

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412 games found - page / 12

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