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1.7 18 21
22 May, 2015

GeoVox is the latest application by Axis Game Factory, Inc. GeoVox is a completely new stand-alone Voxel based real-time terrain creation tool. Instantly create lush AAA quality environments from the start; carve, sculpt, and generate scenes like never before! Build, Play & Share.

4.9 1385 772
28 Mar, 2014

Fuse is a standalone 3D character creator that enables you to make unique characters to use in your game. Fuse comes with 70+ body parts, 150+ clothing meshes, 42 dynamic texturing substances, Unlimited free Auto-Rigs and Animations through the Mixamo service (activated Adobe ID required). Important notice for Fuse 1.3 customers!

ePic Character Generator
5.7 802 156
5 Nov, 2015

Create realistic or hand-drawn character images you can use as assets for your games, illustrations for your stories, or avatars for your role-playing sessions. Export your images as PNG files with or without a background, or as a layered PSD image for further customization.

Leadwerks Game Engine
4.1 217 82
6 Jan, 2014

Leadwerks Game Engine is the easiest way to make 3D games and VR experiences. Learn everything you need with our comprehensive tutorials. Build games with the world's most intuitive game development system. Sell your games with a royalty-free license or share them with the world for free.

Clip maker
3.2 65 26
24 Jun, 2021

Get a cool tool bundle for creating 4K 360 degree video, up to 8K video clips, movies, animation, image art, visual novels, stories, manga, comics, wallpapers or just have a fun making characters behave as you would like. Specially created for amateurs and artists to bring your stories to life.

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The Iron Oath on Steam
Movavi Video Suite 2020 Steam Edition - - Video Making Software - Edit, Convert, Capture Screen, and more
5.1 446 109
20 Dec, 2019

Movavi Video Suite 2020 Steam Edition is the perfect tool for anyone learning how to create and edit videos. Convert gameplay and other videos between 180 formats in an instant, and much more.

Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020
5.5 622 131
25 Nov, 2019

Give free rein to your creativity with Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020! Its intuitive controls help you start editing right away: cut and join clips, add special effects and titles, then upload the results to YouTube right from the program. Video editing with Movavi is fast, simple, and fun.

Atlantia Animation
2.1 22 15
26 Nov, 2018

Atlantia is the world's easiest and fastest animation software. Users can issue "walk here" and "say this" style commands and can easily pose and edit characters and animations. There are also built in lip syncing and text-to-speech capabilities and a system for automatically moving the characters and objects.

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The Iron Oath on Steam
Movavi Video Editor 15 Plus - Video Editing Software
5.0 357 80
29 Nov, 2018

Bring your ideas to life with the advanced tools of Movavi Video Editor Plus! Turn your videos into professional video blog postings, with custom intros and special effects. Upload the results to YouTube right from the program and start on your road to video gaming stardom.

Puppet Play
3.0 22 1
16 Dec, 2021

Got a great story in your mind but neither time nor the skills to produce it? Turn your movie idea into reality in real-time with Puppet Play. Using your own movement in VR, quickly and easily animate a wide variety of characters (not only puppets) and props to realize your idea in minutes.

Movavi Video Editor Plus 2021
4.6 215 42
4 Nov, 2020

Partner with Movavi Video Editor Plus 2021 and create your own video stories! Edit your footage on the handy multi-track timeline, apply professional special effects, and upload the results to YouTube right from the program. Video editing with Movavi gives you true creative freedom.

Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022
2.9 46 22
6 Nov, 2021

Montage in Movavi Video Editor Plus is easy, fast, and fun. Creating thematic clips, experimenting with sound, and adding special effects are all in reach, even if you have no video editing experience. You can be uploading files directly on YouTube in 20 minutes, so embrace your creative self!

Movavi Video Converter Premium 2022
2.3 17 7
4 Nov, 2020

Convert your multimedia to different formats and save space on your hard drive space. Movavi Video Converter Premium 2022 supports popular formats, so that you can watch your clips on your smartphone, pad, and TV after conversion. The built-in video editor helps to improve the quality of your files.

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105 games found - page / 3

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